There's no place like home...

Naturally we had to make a pilgrimage to see Dorothy's ruby red slippers. There was a time when 4-year-old Maddy had a particular obsession with all things Wizard of Oz, including her own pair of sparkly red shoes that she wore EVERYWHERE.

We also toured Georgetown University, went to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving (which we never did in all the years we lived there), attended Eryn's wedding and reception, shopped for school clothes, and had breakfast at Eastern Market with Brigham (my cousin), Jennie, and Dalton (off walking during this shot) before heading home.

It was a good last hurrah for summer. Although we did hit this on 95 while driving home (note the people out of their cars and lounging around on the shoulder; this was completely stopped traffic for about an hour):

Ruby red slippers, where are you when I need you?

p.s. We made it home in one piece. First day of school: tomorrow.