There's something about Maddy

We've still got two weeks of summer left in these parts.  Miss M is finding all sorts of kooky & kicky ways to brighten her days. Yesterday it was the fort-making, complete with music, lights, fan, art supplies, a soft nest (she slept in it last night), food, books, and phone. Proving that you're never too old for a good fort with white lights.

 "Rules of Maddy's party fort:

1. Marvel at the wonder from a distance, please!

2. No biting pillows or blankets (you know who you are. *Louie*)

3. If your name isn't Louie or Maddy and you weren't formally invited into the fort, guess what? you weren't invited [this is a bit of a little-red-hen situation. no one would help her make it.]

4. When music is playing, lights are on, and fan is fanning, fort is occupied.

5. No harming or ta(m)pering with the fort or else you won't have chairs at dinner tonight.

6. Rules spontaneously come up by Maddy must be followed in the fort.

Thanks, the tenant"


. . . 

On vacation, Maddy came across a card & quote at a museum gift shop that called her name:

"I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara I could save the world"

Last week she and her best partner-in-crime decided to go ahead and equip themselves & save the world.  These are their costumes (plus scooters, some monster spray, and a lot of chutzpah):

I love this Alice shirt

She is hilarious. Man, I love that girl. 

. . .

 Listen:  Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap