This is just to say


Okay, couldn't resist that. I love that poem, love Matthew MacFadyen for that matter.
. . .
So (with apologies to William Carlos Williams):
This is just to say 
I am not gone or sad or done or quit.
I have posted the words
(which were in my mind, last week)
Forgive me.
They were reruns
And might be familiar.
This is also just to say
Sam got his braces off
Louie got a regrettable haircut along with a cut paw
& is going on 5 trips to the vet
& wearing a cone of shame and plastic boot to go out
(poor puppy)
The sun is out
the rains and floods are lifting (10 inches of rain!).
Laundry is done and folded on the window seat.
Revisions on my QP are underway
I'm prepping for a guest lecture this week
at BU School of Public Health
Maddy was just in her school's drama night
Tonight Sam has a chorus concert
Tonight there are artichokes and new potatoes and peas
and rice pilaf for dinner
The clocks have sprung forward
Spring, you are welcome anytime.