Today I love

~Reading the book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

~This Emotional Life series on PBS

~Robin's award winning chili (so good, Robin!)

~The cleaned-up, tree-free family room (I had been dreading it but it only took about 15 minutes this morning. I did way more than 15 minutes' worth of dreading. Isn't that the way it goes?)

~The completely cleared floor on my side of the bed. No more piles! Recycled magazines! Easier access to bed!

~Reading through an old journal and remembering the kids when they were tiny little people. Like this one, when Sam was three: "We went to the rec department and I noticed they do a town baseball league. 'You can play baseball when you get bigger!' I told him, thinking he'd be thrilled. 'No, I don't really want to play baseball.'  'Well, maybe soccer or something,' I tried. 'No. Not football either,' he said.  I was puzzled, since he loves playing ball. 'What do you think you'd like to do ?' I asked. 'Mom,' he said, almost in tears. 'I don't want to be a ball player. I want to stay a little kid.' (And, the ultimate irony, reading this and halfway wishing he had stayed a little kid. Or at least grown more slowly.)

~Watching clips of the funny British series about parenting, Outnumbered, sent to me by the lovely Lindsay (I love finding a new series to obsess over)

~Taking my kids out for dinner tonight at the local diner and chatting with the waitress (who has known us since we moved here) about our lives. Gotta love small towns.

~Showing Sam this video mashup from sounds in Up! and then watching him beeline to the piano to play around with his new empty composition book.

What do you love today?