This is me today:

Except in my case it's like some nice singsong-talking someone has asked me to be a functioning human being and I just....can' it. (Seriously, though, have you seen a sweeter clip lately? I love that little gal and her teeter-tottery tenacity.)

Our flight got cancelled on the way back to Boston so we ended up getting bumped to another flight and arrived home at the bright sparkly hour of 3 a.m. on Monday.

Since then, I have taken my kids to five (5!) doctor/dentist/oral surgeon/orthodontist appointments.

And the painters called to say they can start painting my rooms tomorrow but I need to choose colors (and you know how I have no talent for certainty).

And I need to prepare for leading a three-hour class on Thursday. 

And, after weeks of happy nutritarian eating and spinach smoothies, I just polished off a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

All of this means I am trying force myself to hold first position but I keep tottering. Sigh.

(On a brighter note, we had a lovely trip. More on that later...)

(Clip seen via Cup of Jo).