Travelin' songs

We will be heading across the country in early August, caravan style, from Boston to Bear Lake (UT). Crazy! Fun! Lengthy! We've been researching routes and roadside attractions and putting together a mega playlist to get us through. 

Here's where you come in: what's your favorite travelin' music? What song(s) would you suggest? I really do want to know. Even if you wandered onto this entry because you googled "orthodontic neck gear" or "streetpaint like real rollercoaster."* Even if we've never met.

Seriously. We have 40+ hours of driving to fill here, folks! Fill our ears with music! All genres welcome.

. . .

I ordered this Journey Journal from Cracked Designs to jot some of our roadtrip memories. I also LOVE this one.  What the heck, maybe we'll do both. That's a lot of car time, after all.

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*actual search terms that have brought visitors to this site recently. Not sure they found what they were looking for here.