Week of firsts

Time is accelerating wildly as we all navigate this girl's last year of high school.

Just this week she experienced a whole slew of growing-up firsts, milestones whizzing by without much chance to stop and notice them for what they are.

First real job interview.

First submitted college application. 

Cap and gown measurements for graduation.

And first driver's license driving test*.


It's thrilling and daunting and bittersweet watching her take each step.

I guess it always has been, right from her very first one.

. . .

Listen: Everybody's Changing ~ Keane

. . .

All photos by Nicole Barker photography

*(It's a tad late but Massachusetts has a long process to acquiring the golden license. Add Lauren's busy schedule and all of the sudden she's 17.25 and just getting around to taking the test.  Our insurance bill has been breathing a sigh of relief & enjoying the delay, though.)